Basketball Equipment

Basket ball is a less technical game that does not need a lot of complicated equipment. Further more most basketball equipment’s are not too expensive, simple and very easy to use.

Below we have a list of seven of the best basket ball equipment that can be used to secure and sharpen a players skills.

1. Good shoes.

Not all shoes can be used on a basketball court. Basket ball shoes have been designed to ensure that a basketball player is comfortable, secure and stable in them. Basket ball is a fast paced game, basket ball shoes are designed to withstand and perform even better in such conditions.

There are different types of basket ball shoes. When buying ensure that you get the right size and desired style.

2. A mouth guard.

As stated above basket ball is a fast paced game with a lot of intensity. Jaw injuries among players is common, this can be prevented or reduced by simply wearing a mouth guard. Mouth guards protect the teeth, jaws, tongue and even prevents concussions from occurring when there is a collision between players.

They come in different sizes and designs to choose from. When buying a mouth guard ensure you buy a good quality mouth guard that can last longer and protect the mouth better.

3. Basketball balls.

Balls are very important in basket ball. With a ball you can do a lot of basket ball drills such as dribbling, shooting and simple ball handling skills. The quality, size and design are some of the important features one should look out for when buying a ball.

4. Skipping rope.

Skipping ropes helps a player in many ways. First of all a basket ball player needs to be very fit. On an average a player runs about three miles per game, it improves a players endurance and fitness.

Skipping ropes also strengthen leg joints like ankles and knees. These joints move frequently when you are playing basket ball, skipping ropes help reduce the risk of injuries on these joints as you play. They can also be used to warm up or a warm down the body before or after doing an intensive work out.

5. Cones.

Cones are used in many sports basket ball included. They can be used for different drills from running drills to ball work drills. They are used to simulate different conditions that can only be found in game situations.

Cones are very flexible, small in size and relatively cheap making it a must have sports equipment.

6. A D Man mannequin.

A D man mannequin is an important basket ball equipment. It is used to act as an obstacle for player and puts them under pressure just like any ordinary game situation. It can be used to simulate shooting, attacking and defensive basket ball drills.

An equipment like D man can help a player perfect specific skills and improve their game in general.

7. Solo assist.

It’s not every time a player finds a partner to train with. But with a solo assist it becomes easier to train even without a partner. A solo assist can be used to practice different situations that would need passing of a ball. This helps a player improve game wise even when they are alone.


The above equipment’s are supposed to improve a player, when used properly they can improve a players performance.



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